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Audio Recordings
SMOKE N' WID (for E. Guitar, Cello, Piano & Percussion)
Commissioned & performed by the Avian Orchestra
Video Recordings
BRANDYWINE DRIFT (for Sitar) - Excerpt
Commissioned by the NakedEye Ensemble
Featuring pianist Ju-Ping Song and guitarist Chad Kinsey
Commissioned by CMN! & performed by Brian Sacawa
COLLAGE NO. 1 "BITS OF BOWIE" (for Alto or Bari Sax & Tape)
Commissioned by New Sounds Music Inc. for PRISM
PSEUDOPOD (for Saxophone Quartet)
SCURINE (for Flute, Baritone Saxophone & Cello)
Composed for & performed by AUROS Group for New Music
FAREWELL (for Solo Violin)
Performed by Daniel Stepner (The Lydian String Quartet)
SHADOW FIGURES (for Solo Clarinet)
Performed by William Kirkley
Performed by Richard Belcastro

Performed by recorderist Katarina Widell
Performed by trombonist Greg Spiridopolis