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Audio Recordings
This work was a reaction to the online news format, specifically the "comments" sections following online articles. This manner of interacting and engaging with public opinion is interested and one which I needed to comment on. The work is a mixture of live performance, electronic accompaniment and recorded quotes from online comments sections recorded by actors. These comments were taken over a three week period. While the comments are at times, harsh, compative, rude and even hurtful to hear, this was simply the material provided by the public online. I felt it important not to edit, but to give a sense of the atmosphere I percieved. The live performance stands in contrast, a beutiful and complex solo piece which can go largely unappreciated if to much time is spent listening to the quotes. In the end the piece is a challenge to the listen that I feel echoes my desires in everyday life, to not get so caught up in the fact that people inherently disagree that we forget to enjoy the good stuff. When you listen, try to listen to the music and not the words, it's far more difficult than you'd think!

The work premeired at the International Clarinet Association Conference in Los Angeles Aug 5-6, 2011.

Commissioned by clarinetist Amy Simmons in 2010, arranged for recorder in 2011
ON THE SOAPBOX (for Recorder or Clarinet and Tape)

CLICK TO LISTEN - Performance by Katarina Widell, recorders